How to transfer your WhatsApp chat to telegram

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Transfer WhatsApp chat to telegram: You are also considering switching from WhatsApp to Telegram and want your WhatsApp chat to be exported to Telegram, then we will explain the entire process to you today.

How to transfer your WhatsApp chat to telegram

WhatsApp chat to telegram: If you are also thinking of switching from Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp to the cloud-best messaging app Telegram, then this news of ours is specially for you. Today we will give you information about how you can easily import your WhatsApp Chat on Telegram. Users can export individual or group chat to anyone, now the question is coming in your mind that what is the way? So let us explain the whole step by step.

How to transfer your WhatsApp chat to telegram: learn the process

1) First of all you people have to open WhatsApp app in your smartphone.

2) After the app opens, you have to click on the WhatsApp chat that you want to export to Telegram.

3) After opening the chat, there will be a three dot menu on the top right, tap on it.

4) After this you will see a drop down icon next to More, click on it.

5) After this you will get the Export option.

6) As soon as you click on the export option, you will be asked whether you want to export the chat with media files (include media) or without media files (without media). The thing to note is that if you export chat with media files, then the size of chat export increases.

7) According to your convenience, after selecting one of these options, you will face many options for shares and out of these you have to tap on Telegram option.

8) The app will open as soon as you click on Telegram and then click on the contact’s chat in which contact you want to import the exported chat.

9) As soon as you choose the chat, two options will be canceled and Import, you have to select the import option from these. Note that as mentioned above, Android users can easily import their WhatsApp Chat on Telegram.

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