How to make money from Telegram App

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Do you know that you can make money from Telegram? If you don’t know about it, today’s article “How to make money from Telegram App” is going to be full of information for you. By the way, you can already know how to make money from other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok. At the same time, you can easily earn money using this new messaging app. Also Read:- how to send large files on WhatsApp

How to make money from Telegram App
How to make money from Telegram App

What is Telegram App

I want to give you a little information here that the Telegram app is one of the most popular applications ever. Like Whatsapp, Telegram app is also a messaging app. In this, you will get to see many different features, including groups, channels, bots, stickers, etc. Also Read :- How to make Facebook Avatar on Mobile

How to monetize telegram channels

While there are many ways to monetize telegram channels, in this article today we will learn about the most popular and easily done methods. Then, let’s start without delay and know that by using some such methods you can earn money from Telegram.Also Read :- how to set up an auto-reply to text messages on Whatsapp

How to earn money from telegram

While these are very well-known methods, you are not able to make money from Telegram App even if you are not used properly. So let’s learn to use these methods properly to earn money from Telegram.Also Read :- How to create own emoji in whatsapp

1. Selling Advertising

It is a very popular option, especially in many countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, where advertisements are sold or sold in the Telegram channel. Now know exactly what is sold.
• To cross the channels of others

• companies and brands
Often, advertisements are sold as P2P (channel administrators first create contact. and then this is decided through an agreement. but there are many automated ad exchanges where advertisements are sold.

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2. You can charge a membership fee

A very popular model for paid subscription service, which is employed in Telegram, are some things like this. It is mainly composed of two parts:
• Public channels also which have a large follower base
• Private channel (or a supergroup) in which only premium content is provided (while it is only available to paid subscribers).How to get google adsense approval in one Day
In this type of model, only public channels are over-promoted (that too using advertisements, cross-promotion, content marketing, and other strategies), whereas the private channels themselves actually generate profits.

3. By donation

If you are a content creator while you create content for free, you can monetize those materials by selling ads, paid subscriptions, or donations.

In this model, you allow your followers to either provide a tip after each publication or to set up a recurring donation through a pattern.7 best ways to make money online. SMART BHARAT
The trend of tipping is more popular in other platforms such as YouTube, blogs, websites, WeChat, etc., as well as it is slowly becoming popular in Telegram.How To Manage Inventory Effectively

4. Sale of products and services

A paid subscription is not the only thing that we can sell through our Telegram channel. Basically, you can sell any product or service you want. Let us understand them through examples:

  • A freelance designer runs a popular Telegram channel in which he shares design tips (and also monetizes that channel by selling his gigs).
  • An education portal, through its tutorials and courses, can also run an educational telegram channel that it can sell courses to its customers.
  • A toy brand can run its own Telegram channel that relates to blooming (videos, reviews, unboxing, etc.) and monetize it as it is sold in social media to blossom on a public page, with many such options available in the market Huh. And the brand owner.

5. Sell Third-Party Products and Services

This is very similar to the earlier model. But during this case, you sell third party products or services.
For example, some such Telegram channels also had sneaker deals.
At the same time they monitor online sneaker shops (which may be automated) and if the price of these sneakers drops significantly, they publish a post on their channel in which they use an affiliate link which Use that product.How To Manage Inventory Effectively

6. Funds Raise 

Here, I want to give a real example, in which he is also a fellow of Canada country on a very interesting experiment telegram. He made an announcement to create a pool of TON (Telegram Open Network) investors in his tech channel and at an equivalent time, he raised about $ 1.5M (which was actually in the shape of applications, not real money transfers).

It was done in about 1.5 hours. Then he also made a post that there was no such pool – he only wanted to check whether he could raise money in this way. This experiment was completely successful! These knowledgeable people knew that you can do a lot through technology and social interactions.

 7. Posting Paid

This is almost like selling ads, but during this case, almost 100% of your posts are paid. It may sound a bit strange to hear. A good example is a niche job board. Such job boards exist in the form of a Telegram channel, which allows you to post a job on paying a fixed fee.

Initially, these job boards take content from other websites and post on their channels in order that they will make their audience grow. Later they get offers from paid posts as they need a foot niche based audience.How To Manage Inventory Effectively

 8. Link Shortner Services

 If you are publishing a post in which have the link is, then in such a way you can shorten those links through Link Shortner and publish them on your Telegram Channel. This will be done when a visitor clicks that link, then he has to pass by seeing ads in it .near the original content, this gives the publishers or channel owner a good amount of money.

Nowadays WhatsApp status videos and photos, movies are quite a in Demand, you can do so by going to a good website and shortening the link of that video and putting it on your channel, from which you can make a lot of income.

9. Referencing in Recharge Apps

 You will get many such apps, which if you refer someone else, then in that case they give you some referral money. It is also called Refer & Earn.

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