how to get a duplicate RC of a vehicle.

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Duplicate RC

Duplicate RC

When the registration certificate of a vehicle is lost, distorted, torn or used, a duplicate registration certificate is issued to the registered owner.


If at any time, the certificate of registration is lost or destroyed, then report to the police station in which jurisdiction or damage has occurred and the registration authority has in writing the fact that the registration certificate was issued.

Apply for duplicate certificate of registration to the final registration authority in Form 26

Pay reasonable fees specified in rule 81 of Central Automotive Rules 1989.

Necessary documents

  • Application in Form 26
  • police certificate
  • Pollution under control certificate
  • Legal Insurance Certificate *
  • proof of address*
  • Traffic clearance from traffic police*
  • Tax evasion from accounting department in commercial vehicles *
  • PAN card or certified copy of Form 60 and Form 61 (if applicable) *
  • Chassis and Engine Pencil Print *
  • Owner’s signature identity *
  • Affidavit that RC has been lost and it has not been implemented *
  • Some states may require documents marked with asterisks (*) 

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