Google Pay can win up to Rs. 1 thousand, learn how to win Google scratch cards,

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Google is giving its payment app Google Pay users a chance to win prizes. In this, users can get a reward of up to 1000 rupees. This new reward feature is named Audio Reward. It is present in the promotion section of Google Pay app under the name of On-Air. To win the prize, users only have to listen to the Google Pay ad appearing on TV or YouTube through the Google Pay app. By doing this, scratch cards will be credited to the users’ Google Pay account.
How to do on-air  reward feature.

 This feature is already activated in On GooglePay account. If you cannot see this option in the app, then go to Google account and turn on Location History.
How to win Google scratch cards
1. First confirm whether this feature is available on the home screen of your Google Pay app.
2. After this, wait for Google Pay Add to appear on TV or YouTube.
3. When you see an ad playing, similarly open the Google Pay app and go to the promotion section and tap on the on-air option.
4. Give microphone permission when asked and increase the volume by moving your smartphone closer to the audio source. Increase the volume so that Google can hear it. Try to listen to Google Pay Ad for at least 20 seconds.

5. Wait until Google Pay app recognizes the add.
6. After identifying Google Pay Add, you will get a scratch card. You can use this scratch card in any payment made through this app.


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Important tip
Waiting for ads to appear on TV or YouTube is quite boring. In such a situation, you can win a scratch card by running an ad for any latest Google Pay app on YouTube. According to Google Pay’s support page, this offer has gone live and it will end on December 2 at 11:59 pm

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