delete my search history in google

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About 40 million people use smart phones in India and do not know people run computers every day. But do you know that Google is gathering all your information in one place, you can see and make changes whenever you want. For data protection, users can also delete theirsearch history permanently from ‘My Account’. Let’s know about it.

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delete my search history in google

In Google’s world the user must first login to Gmail in Chrome browser to view ‘My account’. After this click on the photo with the photo left in Gmail. To do this, open a full website named My account on the computer screen. Here are options like security security, phone location, account recovery option and my activity. Even the last time the password was changed its date is also going in it.

Sign inand Security

The first thing you are talking about is the sign-in and security options. This allows users to see that their Gmail account is being used in the side device sign. For account with account access, click the option to click. After that list the list of those ions. For those who want to delete from this list, click on the ‘Manage Apps‘ written in English and click on the app you want to delete. After this come the choice of remover

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Personalinfo and privacy

It gives a number of apps that use information to improve Google’s user experience. They can also close the user. You can see the list of those apps by going to control content here Use Google to improve user experience The second most important option is ‘My Activity’ in this. Now in this option you can delete your search history forever. The noteworthy thing is that ‘My activity’ not only shows the browser’s search history but also shows the search on YouTube.


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This allows users to make changes to user accounts, storage, language and Google Drive related information. Even accounts and edges can be deleted if needed.

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